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Beam+ & Jog Mount+ by product review

Our friends from has sent us their products to be reviewed by us. They sent us two of their new products: Beam+ and Jog Mount+, and here you have the review.  
This time we had to make the product review on another of our bikes, in this case a mountain bike, why? Because our fixie did not have a modern stem, but a classic stem where you can not install these two great inventions. Beam+ and Jog Mount+ review by The Fixed Gear World

Beam+ review Beam+
This device called Beam is designed to help increase the available space on your bike handlebar. Perhaps the handlebars of your bike is already full of gadgets, brakes, stopwatch ... and you need to add, for example, a headlight in a place that does not get in, well with the Beam + is easy to get. As you can see in the pictures the Beam + is installed in the front of the closure of the stem.
The installation has surprised me has been really easy! Inside Beam + box includes two small screws, two large screws and Beam +. To install just have had to replace the two bottom screws of the power by the two large screws. Then place the device and fastened with two small screws, install is really fast!

In our case we installed Beam + in order to have extra space in which to install a headlight that has no break wires or other items in front of her.
We performed a review of this product in black and red colors, but there are more colors you can choose according to your tastes, or colors of your bike. Beam+ Beam+ Beam+ Beam+


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely light
  • Resistant
  • Available in various colors
  • Valid only for some types of stem


Jog Mount+ review Beam+ and Jog Mount+
The other invention we have reviewed is really neat ... Jog is Mount + and is an easy solution to help when riding and you are thirsty ...
Installing the Jog Mount + is easy. All you need to do is replace your existing stem top cap with the Jog Mount + and Secure It With the screw for stem top cap.

Thus when you have installed the Jog Mount + just screwing the bottle holder and you have a new place to take your extra load of water! Jog Mount+ Jog Mount+ Jog Mount+ Jog Mount+ Jog Mount+


  • Very easy to install, you only have to change a screw and you're done! 
  • Extremely light 
  • Resistant 
  • Valid only for some types of stem 

More pics about our review:

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