Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bamboo / Titanium bikes by David Protheroe

David Protheroe has sent us pics about one of his passions: the bamboo/titanium bikes. He has sent us a picture of his latest build, if any one would be interested in learning more about building with bamboo or they are interested in purchasing a frame please feel free to contact with David.

Fixie Bamboo / Titanium bike by David Protheroe

His story is that  his small company (only David) is called Revolucion frames,(inspired by Cuban poster art of the 50s and 60s). He works out of a small workshop at his home in the UK just outside London, its early days at the moment,the pic of the frame he sent us is only his second frame.

Road Bamboo / Titanium bike by David Protheroe
His aim is to just build a few frames a year and hopefully sell enough to enable him to carry on building. The build process simplified is a matter of using titanium ''lugs'' (pictured) placed in a jig then bamboo tubes are selected which have been cured (cooked) and have the right wall thickness etc, these are then inserted into the lugs using an aerospace construction adhesive. Decals are applied and then a finishing UV lacquer. He has also sent us a pic of the road bike he built a while back (road) this is built using a carbon wrapping technique, but he prefer working with titanium and will carry on using this process and building fixies as these are very popular in London.

Bamboo / Titanium bike by David Protheroe
  Thanks David for your pics, and your ideas...we need people like you in this days...eco-innovative ideas!

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