Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"From Paris with Love" by reCycledride

Our friend Jiyo from Recycledr  has sent us their last job called "From Paris with Love". 

"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr


But, why this name?

Here Jiyo explain the story behind this fixed gear bike:

"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr
The bicycle is a 80's Raleigh frame (made in Nottingham, England) and it was used by a banker in Paris, France to go to work and to get home. The bicycle was brought to Kitchener, Canada when the banker moved back to Canada. The gentleman who owned the bicycle is now a humble old man who was not worried about making money from selling the bike but wanted to make sure the vintage champion frame was sent to a good home.

As a result, we felt that it was important to identify its origin and where it also spent most of its life. We wanted to add features to the bike that would support the British origin and the French culture as well.

So, we added a Brooks saddle for the British flavor and a French flag on the fork to remember where it was used. As we are a very young company, it was a great experience to have something so beautiful come all the way from Paris, France into our hands in Toronto, Canada.

The bike's color scheme was created with the season autumn in mind. We wanted to create a warm setting with the colors and a friendly, yet luxurious look.

Special Features:
"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr

  • 1980’s Raleigh frame (manufactured in Nottingham, England)
  • Brooks B17 Champion Standard Saddle
  • New wheels, cog, LBB, new handlebar grip, Continental tires.





About Recycledr  

They are a small group operating out of Toronto, Canada and they have branded ourselves as reCycledride.
They take timeless classic frames and rebuild them; the fusion of the word ‘recycle’ and ‘cycle’ in our name.
More information can be provided if needed for on our website (

"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr

"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr

"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr

"From Paris with Love" by Recycledr

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