Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SHEFIX EIGHTWHEEL Fixed gear girls from Riga

SHEFIX a group of fixed gear girls from Riga (Latvia) has published a video about them. As they say:

This is a story of passion, love, wheelies and ladies who love to ride. It all started in Riga, Piens. Velo which is the central meeting point of the fixed gear scene. Then we were simply one of the few female competitors in the mini-drome racing. Being all open-minded, we felt we're ought to make something out of it. An idea of the video was well received and grounded. Its main purpose was to show that there are chicks on fixed gear wheels and they lovin' it. Anyway, it wouldn't be possible without the masculine creative support.

Director: Linda Jakubone
Cinematography: Dāvis Zelčāns / Ritvars Bluka
Postproduction: Dāvis Zelčāns
Logo Design: Zagga
Music: Mac Miller "Cold Feet" (Instrumental)

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