Thursday, May 2, 2013

Building A Bicycle

You know how to build a bike? Quella Bicycle explain the process with a new video with Mark Langley, and here we have it.

Meet Mark Langley.
Mark spends his days and nights in an old chicken shed on the outskirts of Cambridge, England, where he meticulously constructs single speed road bikes under the name Quella Bicycle.
Quella is the product of a longing to build something, and a love of cycling. This love of building bikes has turned into a fully fledged business in the blink of an eye. Formed only a year ago, the brand are now churning out hundreds of hand-built bicycles that not only look beautiful, but function at the top end of fixed gear bikes.
We spent a day following Mark and his partner Jordan Emery, as the freshly welded frames get powder coated and coloured, then cut down to size before over 20 components are lovingly pieced together to become the Quella One. 

Building A Bicycle from AMP Creative on Vimeo.
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