Thursday, June 27, 2013

RYOKOU CHAPTER 1 (Shane Perkins documentary)

BEGINNING. Shane Perkins and the early years.

In this first chapter, we meet Shane Perkins and learn about how and why he started track cycling. We hear from his parents, Daryl and Maureen Perkins about Shane as a young restless kid wanting to try everything and how with an Olympic track cyclist for a Dad, the curiosity grew and grew until a day on the track unveiled "a kid with a bit of go" ;)

One of the most remarkable quotes is that on his first interstate trip, Shane came back with two Australian records and three Gold Medals and he'd only been riding for 3 months.


Directed by Davros.
Made by Projucer.
A Chasing the Glory Media House Production
Uploaded to Youtube by chasingtheglory

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