Friday, June 28, 2013

RYOKOU CHAPTER 2: CONSTRUCT (Shane Perkins documentary)

CONSTRUCT. Everything you need to know about the Japanese Keirin, and the mystical Keirin School.

In Chapter 2, it's all about the Keirin. Only in Japan would a bike race be invented to reunite and rebuild a war torn country. Only in Japan would they choose the top of a mountain to locate the official national Keirin School. And only in Japan would Shane Perkins find himself the solace he needs to perfect his craft...

See how men and women from all over Japan apply to become Keirin riders and the full-on training program they are put through from sun up to sun down each and every day for an entire year. No family contact. No sex. Just you and your steel steed getting to know each other very well.

Directed by Davros.
Made by Projucer.
A Chasing the Glory Media House Production
Uploaded to Youtube by chasingtheglory

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