Monday, July 1, 2013

RYOKOU CHAPTER 3: FALL (Shane Perkins documentary)

FALL: The dark period in Shane Perkins' career, and his impetus to rise. (World Cup broadcast footage courtesy of SBS & UCI)

Chapter 3 gets dark. It follows the fall of Shane Perkins. His loss of scholarship from the Australian Institute of Sport, and the events that shaped him to decide to continue riding his bike. It is a window to a past display of persistence and achievement in sport.

We spoke with Shane about these events in both Australia and Japan and learnt that in reality, in addition to his own actions, it was much to do with a number of unique circumstances and the actions of others too. This is a story about learning from your mistakes, about holding your head high, and about sticking it to your doubters. Shane's story is no different to anyone's in life of trying to excel at what you love and what you're good at, while trying to make a buck.

Chapter 4 follows Shane's relocation to Japan, his place in another culture, his pro athlete diet, and gives us all a little sniff of the crazy world that is Keirin racing. Oh and there is a time-lapse of Mt Fuji.

Directed by Davros.
Made by Projucer.
A Chasing the Glory Media House Production
Uploaded to Youtube by chasingtheglory 

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