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TOOB: Top Toob Protector & Innertube Keychain

TOOB Top Protector and Innertube Keychain

Hi all! Today we will make a review of two products made by Roy Sherizly from Tel Aviv, he is the owner and spirit of TOOB.
First of all we want to tell you something about the story of this new brand of products made by old innertubes, giving them a new live, more cool, and more useful. Here is his story told by the Roy:

As a graphic designer and a fixed gear rider, my love for the two got me thinking... so one day I came up with the idea to try and recycle old innertubes. I started by collecting old innertubes from local bike shops in Tel Aviv and playing around with them (none of the tubes are new). All it takes is one little puncture, and they usually get thrown in the trash - but once you get them nice and clean, it's a great material to work with. Instead of throwing the worn or punctured innertubes away, each one is inspected, cleaned, washed, hand-cut and buttoned - giving them a new purpose to serve and few more miles to travel.

At first, I played around and made a keychain just for myself, but quickly realized that other riders might enjoy the idea as well. The first prototype I created had a rivet/button that doesn't open, and served as a regular keychain (key end). I liked how it made finding my keys from the bottom of my bag much easier, and it was a material from the cycling world.

For the next design, I wanted a solution that would allow the keychain to open and close, so that it could be attached to a belt or bag. That's how the "open/close" keychain came to be.

After the keychains, I felt like making something different - something for the bike rather than the rider. My own bike is a Japanese NJS track bicycle from the Keirin circuit, so I know that lots of riders use the expensive Kashimax top tube protector to keep the handlebars from denting the toptube. My new goal was to create a cheaper alternative for the Kashimax that looks good and also works good. I tried many different designs and finally got one that I liked, and that's how the Top TOOB Protector was born.

TOOB products are created from 700/23c innertubes, and all of the items are hand-made by me. I try to use locally sources buttons and rings, and all of the innertubes are used and saved from the trash.

Top TOOB Protector

As Roy has said in his story, the Top TOOB Protector is a really easy to use product that helps you to protect the upper bar of your frame of your handlebar bits... we have tested it in our Pinky Fixie, and it works perfectly as you can see in the photos. You only need to open the Top TOOB Protector, adjust it in the part of your frame where the handlebar bumps, and close it to fit, and...that's all! Your frame are now protected!
We have discovered it could help you when you park your bike on the street.

TOOB Top Protector

TOOB Innertube Keychain

Another interesting product, is the innertube keychain made with old innertubes, it's very comfortable because it allows you to open and close, so you can carry your keys hooked to anything: pants buckles, backpacks, bicycle handlebar you can see in the photos, it can give you a "fixed gear look"...

TOOB Innertube Keychain


Two products are really easy to use, you help your environment recycling old innertubes and giving you a new and cool fixed gear style...for that, we want to recommend this products and this brand TOOB, are doing a great job! Congratulations!

More photos about TOOB products

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