Thursday, October 31, 2013

A new bike series is coming to Germany: The RAD RACE!

Rad Race
Def.: rad race, [rÆd reιs]
It seems there will be an awesome new bike series out of Germany that will bring some great new racing events out to you.
The "mission statement“ of the RAD RACE crew on their page says: 

'It all started in our heads a few months ago... We are some friends from Münster, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg, Germany and are starting NOW. We wanna STOP RIDING LAME BIKE EVENTS. We wanna have amazing bike races all over Europe. Starting in Germany 2014. Crazy, fast, radical. RAD RACES. So better watch out, please spread the word and follow us on and!“

Rad Race
There is no further news out so far but it seems these guys want to bring events like the Red Hook Crit or other shorter formats onto german streets.
They proved in the Running scene that they can start some pretty amazing stuff. One of the founders of RAD RACE, Ingo Engelhardt, is also the founder of the biggest obstacle race in the world. The Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun (, maybe you have heard of it. Until the end of 2013 RAD RACE wants to spread the word and wants to build up the website and fan base. 
Rad Race
We from The Fixed Gear World are really excited to see what’s coming from these guys so to share our excitement with you they will give away 3 Tshirts for you! All you have to do is like, forward, comment, share this article on your channels!! Good luck!
Rad Race T-Shirt

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