Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prism Cycles fixie/single speed: The components and parts (2nd part)

Hi guys!
Today we will review the components of the Prism Cycles fixie/single speed bike. As you could know, we started this review in the past post called "Unboxing & Assembling" published past week, and today we want to continue this review, soon we will publish the third and final post, but for now, we will review the parts and components of this amazing fixed gear / fixie / singles speed Prism Cycles bike.


We can start with the frame, we choose the pink color, as you can see, is a dark pink colour matte finish, it comes with a straight fork and rear dropouts adapted for fixed gear bikes, easy to regulate the tension of your chain.

Frame details:
·  8 colour frames to choose from, all with matte finish. 
·  Colours- Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple.
·  Size 48 and 52 cm. For information on dimensions please follow this link.
·  Weight of frame and fork 8 kg.
·  Frame and fork sold together.
·  Steel frame and fork.
·  Designed in Ireland.


The wheels we choose are in two colors, you can mix the colors, one of the best thing shopping in Prism Cycles is the option to choose and mix colors of your parts and components. Our colors: green for the rear wheel, and blue for the front wheel. It comes with Prism Cycles decals and black spokes.
Rear wheel comes with flip flop hub, it's great to use as a single speed or fixed gear when you want. The brand of the hubs is Quando KT Tech, in black color. It comes with Kenda tyres in black color, but can choose it in white, red and black.

Wheelset details:
·  8 colors available.
·  Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple.
·  Size 700c.
·  Rim 45 mm deep.
·  Front and rear wheelset sold together.
·  All rear wheelsets come with flip-flop hub as standard.
·  Made from aluminium

Tyres details:
·  Kenda
·  Weight 276g
·  90PSI
·  Tire Bead Steel
·  ISO Diameter 622 / road / 29"
·  ISO Width 25mm
·  Tire Diameter 700c
·  Tire Use Road

Crankset, chain and pedals

The crank is white, and it's made of aluminium, the brand is Lasco with 46 chainwheel teeth. The chain is a KMC in steel color, it could be great if you could choose the chain color!...well, this brand chain is one of the most popular, and it works really well and fine. The pedals comes with classic straps and the brand is Wellgo R126 in aluminium color, really nice!

Crank details:
·  Made from aluminium alloy.
·  46 Chainwheel teeth.
·  Lasco crankset.
·  Crank length 165mm. 
·  For fixed and single speed bikes. 

Break system

All Prism Cycles bikes comes with breaks, you choose if you want to install it or not, we recommend install the front break if you are a new rider in fixed gear bikes, but if you are an expert rider in fixed gear bike you can uninstall both breaks, rear and front.And if you are a single speed rider we recommend to install both. Well, the breaks lever are a Radius in aluminium color, with a very smooth performance, and the breaks are a Promax brand in aluminium color too.

Saddle and saddle post

We choose a black saddle post and a white saddle really comfortable, but can choose other colors: blue, red, white and black.

Saddle post details
·  Three colours available.
·  Blue, Black, Silver.
·  Anodised colour.
·  Length-270mm.
·  Diameter- 27.2mm.

Saddle details
·  Available in four colours.
·  Blue, Red, Black, White. 

Handlebar and grips

We choose an aluminium handlebar and white grips.

Grips details
·  Material-rubber.
·  Size-22*130mm.
·  Single open side.
·  Colours-Blue, Black, White, Red

Well, this is our components and parts review of this Prism Cycles single speed / fixed gear bike, we wait it could give more information to choose this bike, or not, you choose!

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