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Hi fixed gear riders, today we want to show you our review of the RH+O pedal straps, we have tested it, and we want to show you our opinion!

 RH+O Pedal Straps
 As you know we have tested some pedal straps, but all of them were have differences: with buckles, leather ... and today the basic model from our friends RH+O.

RH+O Pedal Straps review

As you can see in the images, we have tested this RH+O Pedal Straps in black colour, and made ​​in quite strong belt similar to those used in backpacks. These straps should be strong to hold our feet when we stop our fixed gear bike, especially if we skid ... and we like that a lot!
 RH+O Pedal Straps
 We have fitted it in our Pinky Fixie, it was really easy, you only need to adjust the straps, as you can see in the image, to your pedals, and test it with your foot size. In this case, it's really easy to adjust it, because you don't need tools to do it, only your hands! I know that it's great, because sometimes you wear several footwear with different sizes, and with this straps you can easily readjust it, this a positive point for this straps compared with other pedal straps.

1st step: RH+O Pedal Straps

2nd step: RH+O Pedal Straps
3rd step: RH+O Pedal Straps
 RH+O Pedal Straps
The material is easy to clean, we tested it in a rainy day, and we cleaned it easily.
The sensations while I ride with the straps were perfect, good adherence, great skids...do you need anymore?

Here you have some photos! 
 RH+O Pedal Straps
 RH+O decals for your frame!
 RH+O Pedal Straps
 RH+O Pedal Straps
 RH+O Pedal Straps
 RH+O Pedal Straps
 RH+O Pedal Straps


  • Easy adjust for different sizes
  • Easy assembly, no tools required  
  • Nice design

About RH+O

2008 RH+O was born in Taiwan, a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean.
Since around the 20th century, Taiwan has had the biggest amount of bicycle production, consumption and exportation.
Taiwan is world famous for its bicycle production factories. 
Taiwan is not only the hometown of RH+O, but is also the inspiration for RH+O. 
The RH+O brand is inspired by the blood type of its lead designer, SeanSkee.For safety and emergency reasons,the blood type of a racer is traditionally printed on the side of the race car. On the track,a racer is constantly pushing the competitive line of success and failure.
RH+O’s style and design captures the essence of this philosophy

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