Friday, March 21, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Drinking Bottle & Gymsac from Rad Race

Do you remember the Rad Race? Yes, next March 22 in Berlin the first event called Last Man Standing! You must be there!
Well, today we want to show you some products from Rad Race, the official drinking bottle and the Gymsac, a basic products to enjoy your rides.

Rad Race Drinking Bottle & Gymsac

Rad Race Drinking Bottle review

The Rad Race drinking bottle remember us a bottle of beer, cool design and label, Swiss made!, you can fill it with water or other drinks ... if you want choose...hehehe
Here you have some pics:

Beer label?...Drinking bottle from Rad Race

Easy to drink Rad Race drinking bottle

Swiss made! Rad Race drinking bottle

Looks cool....we love this Rad Race drinking bottles!

Rad Race Gymsac review

This Rad Race Gymsac is made in fabric, easy to carry on, and perfect to carry basic things as your helmet, jacket...if you don't need a big bag you can use it, and after use you can fold and stow in a pocket, very functional.
Another important point about this bag, it's ethically produced and chlorine free...great for a better world, this guys of Rad Race are great!
Here you have some pics about the gymsac:

Ethically Produced and Chlorine free Gymsac from Rad Race

Rad Race Gymsac

Really big and easy to carry on Gymsac from Rad Race

Drinking Bottles and Gymsac from Rad Race

About Rad Race Last Man standing 22/03/2014

22nd of March 2014
Warm Up / „Test Driving": 4-5pm
Race Start: 5:15pm-12am
After Show Party: until 3am


Werbellinstr. 50
12053 Berlin

FIXED BIKES ONLY ! No brakes allowed !
Only 112 starting spots for men. 16 starting spots for female racers. So there will be a split male- and -female ranking!

Elimination race on the BerlinKart track, which we convert specifically for this race.
- 4 laps per race.
- 8 riders per race, the slowest athlete is taken out of the race after each round, the first 4 make it to the next round.
- Mode from knockout round with 14 races and a total of 112 riders.
- 56 riders make it to the next round plus the 8 fastest losers

The first 64 make it into the next round
- And then 64 riders in the Knockout system with 8 races
- The Final: 8 rounds with 8 riders. The slowest athlete is taken out of the race after each round. Until only one Last Man is Standing.


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