Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Red Bull explores origins of alleycat racing

Thanks to Adam Moffat we have received this video realized by Red Bull exploring origins of alleycat racing, an how the unsanctioned bike racing movement grew from its Toronto roots into a global phenomenon. 
The 8 minute vid explores the world and individuals behind unsanctioned bike races like the Red Hook Crit in NYC among others. Story is told by Antonio Colomobo of Cinelli, Rebecca "Lambchop" Reilly, Fenando "KID" Rivera, and Nadir Olivet of La Carerra in Toronto.
Here we let you the mini documentary and some info about:

Being a bike messenger is simple. You deliver a package from Point A to Point B. Or so it seems...
Just with any other job, the devil is in the details. There's work politics, it's dangerous, and the culmination of this stress led to riders needing an outlet to blow off steam. Cue "Alleycat Scramble," a bike race held in Toronto in 1989. 
It was unsanctioned, brakes weren't necessary, and riders could ride any type of bike they desired - alleycat racing was born.
In this short but sweet documentary, take a journey from the back alleys of Toronto to the Red Hook Crit Race in NY, and back into Canada behind the shut gates of Ontario Place - the site of Red Bull Race the Place on 19 April 2014. 
Featuring Antonio Colomobo of Cinelli, Rebecca "Lambchop" Reilly, Fenando "KID" Rivera, and Nadir Olivet - sport director of Red Bull Race the Place.
Hungry for more fixed? Our pals from Red Bull US have produced a deeper dive into the story behind the Red Hook Crit race in Brooklyn, NY, where this year over 250 riders from around the world hit the streets of NY in a downpour. Watch a preview of their coverage here.

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