Monday, June 30, 2014

Fixed Gear Bikes compilation 2014 & Official Youtube Channel

Hi riders, we have two great news from our site:
  1. We announce our The Fixed Gear World Official Youtube Channel, thanks to 3GO, a brand of action cams has sponsored our site sending us one of their great 3GO Wild Cams, (we will publish a review of this cam soon, stay tuned...) and now we will publish product reviews recorded with this cam, it could be great to increase the info about the products sent by brands to review by us.
  2. Thanks to all of you we have created a fixed gear bikes compilation with all the bikes sent by you to our site, more than 3 minutes showing your new bikes, recycle bikes, updated bikes...we only can say: thanks guys! The video has been published in our Youtube Channel and here you have!

You can subscribe to our Youtube Channel too!

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