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When you thought you could not see something surprising ... you find so amazing things like lights SPARSE...

Today we want to show you an innovative light system for your fixed gear bikes created by an American company called SPARSE.

SPARSE Fixed light system - bicycle lights

Sparse Fixed Light System review

A common problem we have is that as urban cyclists need to park a bicycle on the street. To do this, our bike should have the fewest "stealable things" on the bike. Well, another important element for us is to ride at night or in dark areas safely. For this we need to have lights on your bicycle. I think the company thought about this problem and it was proposed to design a fixed lights on the bike hard to steal, almost impossible ....

SPARSE Fixed light system - bicycle lights

The front light is designed to install in the headset, and rear light in the seatpost (you can see it in the pics below). In our case, the lights comes in gloss white, has a aerodynamic design and very good finishes.

These lights were designed from the ground up to improve your daily grind. Unlike other lights, Sparse lights integrate onto your bike. They have been engineered to the highest performance specifications and behave as a component of your bicycle. The chassis of the lights is cast zinc. The metal chassis is joined by polycarbonate lenses, sealed with a silicone gaskets, and is on installation, locked into the bike. The lights won't jostle, rattle, or interfere with your cables. They're solid, sealed, tamper-resistant, and stupidly bright.
SPARSE Fixed light system - bicycle lights

Spacer light (front)

The Spacer Light replaces a spacer beneath your stem. The light fits both 1" and 1 1/8" steer tubes. This mounting keeps the light pointed in your path of travel, visible above the shoulder line of cars, and out of harm's way. The integration makes it also very difficult to steal. The source of illumination in the Spacer Light is a 3 Watt white CREE LED. The light has 3 modes, On (solid), Off, and Blink. It has a run time of 4 hours in the ‘On’ state, and 8 hours in blink. The beam is focused forward to illuminate the path of travel as well as laterally to catch the attention of anyone near the roadway.

  • Output: 200 lumens
  • Rechargeable battery. Steady: 4 hours. Blink: 8 hours.
  • Water resistance: IP4 rating
  • Headset compatibility: Threadless or threaded. 1" or 1 1/8"

Post Light (rear)

The Post Light slips over and clamps onto your seat post. The light fits the most common seat post sizes - anything from 27.2mm - 31.9mm. There is no way to remove the light without removing the seat post. The source of illumination in the Post Light is a series of board-mounted red LED's - 2 face rear and 2 to the sides. In total, they add up to 2 Watts of output (100 Lumens). The Tail Light has 3 modes, On, Off, and blink.
  • Output: 100 lumens
  • Rechargeable battery. Steady: 4 hours. Blink: 8 hours.
  • Water resistance: IP4 rating
  • Seatpost compatibility: Standard round / Non-Aero 27.2mm to 31.9mm diameter (Ships with adapter shim)


  • Amazing lights for urban cyclist
  • Great performance
  • Easy to install (less than 30 minutes)
  • Aerodynamic design
More pics taken by us:


"We want more bikers. We want more trips on bikes. We want safe streets and lively street life. We want your bike to be beautiful and uncomplicated. We want your ride to be seamless.
Sparse is here to optimize routine, utilitarian cycling.
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