Thursday, July 24, 2014

Henri 1865 | Fashion Cycling Wear

Today we want to present you one of our new sponsors, Henri 1865, but why this name?

If you search in Wikipedia "Henri Disgrange" you can read:
Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865, Paris – 16 August 1940) was a French bicycle racer and sports journalist. He set 12 world track cycling records, including the hour record of 35.325 kilometres on 11 May 1893. He was the first organiser of the Tour de France.

Carving their philosophy from the Godfather of cycling himself Mr. Desgrange, Henri clothing takes us back to his beginnings as an urban cyclist that once roamed the Parisian streets. A firm believer in the man not the artifice of his device, Henri strays away from any Lycra and remains loyal to the raw vintage of Le tour de France. 
Strictly for the urban Henri doesn’t follow fashion systems but rather places its focus on timeless designs & functional fabrics . Seamlessly easing you through the streets to the office, in one look, that encapsulates sophistication and Functionality. 

“We are getting soft.. as for me, give me a fixed gear”

Lookbook: Le Cycliste

Le Cycliste focuses on timeless designs and premium fabrics to offer a collection of sophisticated independent pieces. Each garment pays a special tribute to the late Henri Desgrange and his effortless sense of Parisian Urbanity, whilst inherently remaining loyal to our form follows function ethos. 

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