Monday, July 21, 2014

Planet X Franko Bianco by Will

Hi riders! To start our fixed gear week we want to show a fixed gear bike called "Planet X Franco Bianco" created by Louisa G. from the east of England (UK).
As long as I know, it's an authentic and genuine fixed gear bike I had ever seen, congrats Will!

Here you have the pic and some info about written by Will:

Planet X Franko Bianco Carbon Track Fixie Bike fixed gear

This is my best fixie, it is a Planet X Franko Bianco that I specced with the various parts. I added a front brake and a left hand cross-top brake lever and a Cateye wireless computer.
It rides really well and is fast and quite comfortable even with the very low front end. It handles exceptionally well with the short wheelbase and straight forks. The BB height on this track frame is very high so the riding position is very prone. This means you can go full lean into corners and the pedals are still a long way from touching down.

I have had some trouble with the seatpost slipping down and now have a length of 12mm carbon fibre tube inside it and sitting on the BB shell so it can't slip now. Superglue is the only other option but that is a bit permanent!

I live on a Rural area, the furthest easterly part of England and the terrain is gentle but rolling. I use an 86" ratio and ride club runs & sportives. I am the only one on fixed and tend to stick with lots of my guys on geared bikes. I love the simplicity of the bike and the ride as well as the challenge of keeping up on the hills.

No geared bike can look as good as a good fixie with all the complications they have like cables, derailiers etc.

I have owned several other fixies in recent years inc some classic conversions.

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