Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Barbie Bitch" | A recycled old bike converted in fixie by Werner from Germany

Hi riders!
Sure you are thinking in recycle an old frame or road bike in a fixed gear bike, old bikes are great if you have a little bit of creativity.

Today we want to show you a nice example of this, our friend Werner, from Germany, has sent us a pair of pics of his work converting an old road bike in a beautiful fixed gear bike called "Barbie Bitch" (OMG...you understand the name reading their words explaining...)

He has sent us two pics, before and after....beautiful!

"Barbie Bitch" | A recycled old bike converted in fixie by Werner from Germany
Before: Original road bike

"Barbie Bitch" | A recycled old bike converted in fixie by Werner from Germany
After: Barbie Bitch fixed gear

Here we have his words explaining the project:
I am a generic bike loonie named Werner from Germany and I enjoy building bikes a lot, I have built myself a classic mountain bike based on a Salsa Ala Carte frame and also customized a Salsa Mukluk fatbike.
But back to my fixie. I love classic road bike steel frames, and after monitoring classifieds for some months I finally found an offer for a Dawes Impulse from the early/mid 80's with a 531 Reynolds frame.
The bike was in a pretty bad condition because the former owner obviously didn't cared about maintenance, so I had re-cut the bottom bracket threads, flushed the frame with oil and then sealed it with a body cavity sealing fluid.

Once I had taken care of the frame (and of course removed all parts) I've turned it into a nice and very lightweight fixie, I kept the original paint and also gave the bike a name: Barbie Bitch. First it was only Barbie (because of the partial pink frame color), but after the bike gave me a really hard time with removing the old crankset and bottom bracket (good ol' rust welding) I had to add the "Bitch" to the name.


It runs on 48/18 (fixed), Novatec/CNC wheels with Freedom Thickslick tires, FSA F. Gimondi crankset, BLB seatpost, Fyxation saddle, and I am using a converter to attach the Ritchey "Classic" ahead stem and flatbar to the original 1" threaded fork, pedals are MKS.

Congratulations Werner for your great bike, looks so cool!

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