Friday, January 30, 2015

#video | the YEAR of the MOUNTAIN | Tribute to Xiao Yu

Hi fixed gear friends, recently we have received an emotive email from Rob Silgals from Taipei City. Here you have their words about this emotive video:
We ride our single speed bikes as high into the mountains as possible. With each pedal stroke, we leave our problems behind as we are greeted with the most excruciating pain, a wanting to give up. Once we reach the top, calmness sinks in and the mind and heart is set at peace. It's not until the descent that we realize what we have lost as we rapidly head back into reality.

This video is dedicated to my friend Xiao Yu who recently passed away in a horrific accident (non-bike related). He was too young and had not even lived life yet. He was a bike messenger with the company Prodorapid before moving on to Skunk Messenger. He had a love for riding bikes and was one of the first people in Taiwan to push me as a rider. We will miss you. Rest in peace.
Sure Xiao Yu will be awaiting us riding in the heaven....All our best wishes. 

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