Monday, February 2, 2015

#ProductReview | Nu-Vin saddle by JustOne (Photos & Video)

Hi riders, here we come again with more product reviews!
Do you remember our past post about our customized saddle created by JustOne? (link) In this case we want to show you a handmade saddle created by JustOne called Nu-Vin, and why this rare name? 

#ProductReview | Nu-Vin saddle by JustOne (Photos & Video)

Well, Nu-Vin saddle is a modern feel with vintage style, and completely customized. They developed the Nu-Vin saddle base on the very popular "Regal" saddle, with a mix of modern feel with wintage style.
They worked with Leather Tanneries to develope a line of leather that is bast for the unique conditions of a bicycle saddle. Beveled edge screw post made from solid brass finished in nickel plate (our model) or antique brass gives a classic vintage look to our bike.

For us, we have customized the saddle with a hot pink leather (pink is our color as you sure know....), in few days we received in Spain the saddle really well packed to arrive in perfect conditions, no issues!

Video review

We have created a video to show you the product and sensations riding with our "Monster Pinky Fixie"...


  • Comfortable shape, wider than other model from JustOne called Flat Top we use in our other fixie.
  • Finished leather
  • Light high density foam
  • Slim profile
  • CrMo Rails
  • 279 x 150 mm
  • 302 grams
  • Completely customized, you choose the color talking with them, it's really easy!


#ProductReview | Nu-Vin saddle by JustOne (Photos & Video)

#ProductReview | Nu-Vin saddle by JustOne (Photos & Video)

#ProductReview | Nu-Vin saddle by JustOne (Photos & Video)

About Just One Custom Bicycle

He loves to ride bikes, and he loves to work on bikes! From a young age he would has my bicycle in peices one day and riding the next! he rides all types of bikes but most day you will find him on his Fixed Gear/Single Speed!  

JustOne! Custom bicycle Saddles covered by hand with the quality leather. These one of a kind saddles stand out above the rest! Also take a look at his new Handmade Handlebars that are now available. 
He covers each saddle by hand, each piece of leather is selected from quality leather hides. Once the leather cover is selected and cut out by hand, the leather is formed to fit the saddle.
He offers the Race Sport, Comfort, Flat Top and Nu-Vin saddles. If you see a leather you like but want it built with one of the other saddle please let him know or request a custom order!
He has just launched a new line of Custom Handmade Handlebars for fixed gear and single speed bikes! This new line will feature both Hand Polished and Black Brushed Aluminium Handlebars.

All saddles and Handlebars are made one at a time to order. He looks forward to working with you on your custom leather saddle.


Interested in send us your products to review?

If you are interested in sending us products to review, please contact us by email to 

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