Monday, June 22, 2015

#productReview | FIXTEES by Old's Cool Cycles - Old is cool...

Hi riders!
Today we want to share with all of you something new for fixed gear riders... new tees!!!
We have received from Old's Cool Cycles from Plymouth, Massachusetts (USA) three of limited edition FIXTEES

In cog we trust (link)

In cog we trust (link)

With Old's Cool Cycles, inc Fixtees everything is done by hand, not a whole lot of technology.

The t-shirt images come from sketches that Midas has done. As he says:
They're fun to do, a little rough and slightly humurous, mostly lame puns that non-fixers 
don't get. Black on white or white on black, I don't judge, but no colored ones, except tan and grey, until they run out.

Model OC Custom Classic

Looooove this back print, a super classic design (link)

Front pocket with their skull logo (link)

Model In Cog We Trust

Back side with a "sacred heart"... my favourite (link)

Front side (link)

Model Got Brakes

Back side "Steel's real" (link)

As you know...fixed gear riders, always got bakes... (link)

More info about the FIXTEES

  • Two models are made with "American Apparel" tees, for me, one of the best tees brand and fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • Short sleeved
  • Some with a front pocket (in our case two comes with front pocket)
  • Price: from $24 USD (see all models here)

About Old's Cool Cycles

  • Old is a little sexy, 
  • Old works, 
  • Old is cool, 
  • Old's Cool.

Midas and Tanya explain Old's Cool Cycles as:
Today's materials make oldish better.Old's not carbon - as good as it is - it's not.           Old's Cool Cycles, inc builds Custom Classic bicycles inspired and influenced by fixed gear and cyclotourist riding. Total opposite sides of the road riding spectrum, absolutely simple or absolutely complex. They're an updated version of the old classic bicycles you dreamt of owning when you first fell in love with cycling.  Chromed lugs, seat and chainstays, deep rich paint, and a classic headbadge - "no stickers" - , definitely function before fancy but lets have both; perfect the function then give it a refinement. Some frames beg to be "not finished", patined, but when they're forced to be detailed they beam, they shout, they command respect and get it. Old's Cool Cycles, inc will sell you the rough if you want. Do what you wish with it - - cool - - personlize, but the tried and road tested functionability of each frame remains.     Enjoy- Midas and Tanya  - Old's Cool Cycles, inc

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