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#productReview | Hardy, the first spring and summer Ribcap!

Hi riders!
Today we bring you another of our product reviews, in this case about a really innovative product similar than one we tested some time ago (link) for cold days, but now, redefined for spring and summer. The product is the Ribcap Hardy, a comfortable ans stylish cycling cap.

#productReview | Hardy, the first spring and summer Ribcap!

Ribcap Hardy product review

As we say, Hardy is the first spring and summer Ribcap! A new style in urban wear, easy to carry on, easy to store in your backpack, and really really fashion! In our case, we have tested the Azure (Light blue) color, but you can choose too brown, pink and gray.

#productReview | Hardy, the first spring and summer Ribcap!

The protectors which are sewn into the Ribcap protect the head against scratches, abrasions and cooling.  Many of their riders also use it daily as it is comfortable and stylish.
  • State of the art moisture management properties.
  • Cooling & quick drying
  • Water & dirt resistance (NanoSphere Technology)
  • Breathable
  • High durability & scrub resistance (Schoeller prestige)
  • Ventilation: Thanks to the positioning of the pads, the summer caps offer a optimal ventilation.
  • Light & comfortable to wear
  • Washable
  • Adjustable and removable chin straps
  • Weight: 120g-200g (depend on size) 
  • Price: about 79€
  • Link to product website:

We have tested this Hardy Ribcap some days in our urban route to the office and we can confirm all the specifications: really comfortable, fresh (we are in Spain, and is cooler than it looks!), only one thing to improve, it gets dirty easily, but not a big problem because you can wash it!

#productReview | Hardy, the first spring and summer Ribcap!

#productReview | Hardy, the first spring and summer Ribcap!

Hardy Ribcap, is it really safe? The answers.

In the Ribcap's website we can find enough information to answer this question and the FAQ about the products they made.

About protectors:

High-tech protectors made out of V10 are sewn-in in every Ribcap. These are laminated with a thin layer of high quality shock-absorber SAF which harden at low temperatures.

The laminate V10-SAF has the following characteristics:
  • Energy absorbtion thanks to viscoelastic properties
  • Protection effect also in cold and wet conditons
  • light weight
  • porous and breathable
  • free of solvents
They've done extensive testing at the university of Strassbourg: Via the link you can find the test results. As you can see in test results, conclussions are:
  • Compared to an unprotected head, Ribcap has a significant effect on the biomechanical stress.
  • Ribcap prevents head injuries – “in all tested configurations the wearing of a Ribcap presented a significantly lower risk of head injury.”
  • During a fall onto a hard surface, the drop height is directly related to the impact speed.
  • The critical impact velocity of 2.9 m/s, which presents a large probability of head injury may be increased by wearing Ribcap by 55% on 4.5 m/s.
  • Under low temperature conditions (tested at -5°C) Ribcap shows an improved protective effect compared to a test at 20°C

They refer to the PPE directive 89/686/EEC. The ribcap provides protection against minimal risks.

About Ribcap

Ribcap your head, protect your style.

Ribcap is not a helmet but more than a cap.
Unique fashionable and protective caps for all kinds of outdoor use, thx to the integrated protective pads.
Ribcap, the Original!
FAQ about Ribcap:

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