Thursday, October 15, 2015

#productReview | Loco Cycles - The Aqua de Loco Unboxing

Hi riders!!!!
Today we have a great surprise, our last "unboxing", in this case about the beautiful  "The Aqua de Loco" fixed gear cruiser from Loco Cycles ... the lightest cruiser in the market from Miami - FL!

Loco Fixie has developed a new breed of bicycles, where urban and beach mix. The FG Cruiser® is the most advanced Cruiser in comfort, design, and performance. This bike is more practical and efficient than your typical Cruiser, yet more comfortable than a Fixie. Hitting the beach by day, or the city by night has yet to be so smooth!

 Why The FG Cruiser® Is Special

The FG Cruiser® comes in single-speed/Free-wheel, with the option of fixed gear flip/flop hub. Ride comfortably in the double spring saddle, as you cruise around on the FG Cruiser®! Built preciously around an ultra-light Aluminum frame (6061-T6 aluminum), with double-butted welding, ensuring the lightest most durable ride!

 The Best Of Its Kind

The FG Cruiser® is designed to be very quick, while cruising in comfort. Riding this 46:18 gear ratio enables higher torque on a 27LB bike, = real quick. Available in a myriad of colors, finished over a rust resistant frame, there is always one that would suit your style!

You can get more info about this bike in their official site:

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