Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#video | Track Or Trick-Midnight City Official Trailer

Do you remember our past post about Track Or Trick?
We bring you again a trailer from their next video...beautiful images...

So what do you love about night?
At night, the city becomes quieter, it's the tranquilest moment to peace your mind and look into yourself. For us who ride, it's the moment that we can start listening to our own thoughts and embracing the freedom as a way of escape from the stressful daily life that has been crushing down us. That's why we love to ride at night. You can be formless and invisible at the same time. Empty your mind and you will see another face of the city. Unlike "Bombing City", we give you the trailer of our newest project... "Midnight City". Stay tuned for the official one.
The project is specially supported by Low Bicycles and Never Not Riding.

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