Thursday, November 24, 2016

#blackfriday | 20% OFF in #fixiebracelets and #fixiecords

Hi riders!
As we have published last days, we have something really interesting for you in Black Friday!

Maybe you have visited our The Fixed Gear World Etsy shop, with our handmade products designed for cycling lovers and enthusiasts. Only for you we have a 20% discount code: BLACKFRIDAY2016  to use in your next purchase.

All our products are handmade, every piece is genuine and unique, thinking in our followers and buyers we made it with all our love. Maybe a great gift for your friends, family, or yourself!

Instructions to get the discount


You can choose one or more of our models, we have 3 models for #fixiebracelets, with different color combinations, and 1 model for #fixiecords in different colors:

#fixiebracelet Unchained Leather

Link to the product

#fixiebracelet Vintage Leather

Link to the product

#fixiebracelet Proud to be a rider

Link to the product


Link to the product

And feel free to share!!

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