Monday, November 28, 2016

#newLife | John Deere Men's Racer recycled by AJ Branch

Hi riders!
Today we bring you one of your amazing bicycles, in this case, AJ Branch has sent us an email with pics and info about, here you have...

As AJ told us in his email, he found and old, rusty, John Deere Men's Racer 10 speed near him home in North Carolina (USA).
It was pretty seriously deteriorated by the time, he got to it but he thought that, that made it kinda special, so he decided to try and make something cool out of it, and something that he could goes rip around on. 

He has certainly suceeded in the ripp'in around part but he guess he leaves it to the Internet to tell him whether it's cool or not (for sure it's cool yeahh!!!).

Dou you like it?

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