Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#productReview | Copenhagen Wooden Bike Rack Natural

Hi again riders!
This week we want to show you something to solve your "home problems" as riders... where to put and storage my bike?

Well, the guys from Twonee sent us some months ago (sorry for the delay in the review...) their Copenhagen Wooden Bike Rack Natural, and finally we have put it in our coworking for our official single speed bike.

About the Copenhagen Wooden Bike Rack Natural by Twonee

Well, here we go!
First of all, we can talk about what do you get in the box from Twonee. As you can see in the pictures, we received a long box (as long as the rack) perfectly conditioned with the two "hooks" that forms the rack, these hooks have the screw installed, ready to install, you don't need to pierce the hooks. It comes with dowels, perfect!
What was our problem?, we didn't have a drilling machine for 14mm dowels, no problem, buy one! hehehe, once we have marked and drilled our wall the job was almost finished, you only need to screw the racks by hands in dowel and...finished!

Now we can talk about the rack:

  • Weight limit: 15kg (33lbs)
  • This hangers are suitable for strong and stable walls like wood or masonry walls. They are not suitable for weak and thin walls like plasterboard.
  • Dimensions: length: 35 cm ( 13,8 inches), diameter: 4 cm (1,6 inches)
  • Material: ash (in strength and beautiful texture equivalent to oak and mahogany)
  • Is suitable for a handlebar with a width of up to 60 cm
  • Regiment attached to the wall with metal rods embedded in wedges and dowel-nails (supplied).
  • This wall mounted pair of hooks are made from eco ash wood have notch with 100% wool lining offering full protection for your bike

Our improvement:
One of our parents is "blacksmith", he helped us designing a system to prevent theft, a simple extra component to put between the hook and the wall where we can put our bicycle lock. We made it because our coworking is open to a lot of people, sometimes we have the door open all the day, and the bike rack is near to this door...maybe someone could steals us our lovely Funked Up bike....

  • Price: affordable, about 46€
  • Easy to install
  • Looks really cool, with natural material
  • We recommend this bike rack from Twonee or others they have, some are really cool (visit their site)!

About Twonee

They are Max and Oleg — two friends and Twonee co-founders. In university, they were dreaming about their own project to create cool stuff for others like them — those who appreciate good design.
Twonne was born in 2015 and based in Odessa, Ukraine with worldwide outlook.

The rhythm of life increases all time, numbers of stuff, gadgets that we need and love grows and get more important to organize your time and space to be in harmony with the modern world.
So, the basic idea is to create a functional products that make life easy with clean and modern design at the same time.
They spend time with their products, studying each to ensure that it meets a high standard of quality and ergonomic.

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