Sunday, September 2, 2012

Five fingers + Fixed Gear Bike, good combination?

Innovative shoes

Recently I decided to buy a very interesting and innovative footwear, the so-called Five Fingers, I have not received yet, but I'm thinking that may be a good combination with my fixie.

Weak Point

One of the many reasons why we decided to have a fixed gear bike is because they allow you to "feel" the asphalt through your legs. But in the long chain of transmission between the road, the wheels, the chain , pedals and your legs, there is a point "weak", this point is our shoes. Many of us tend to use shoes like "Vans Canvas", but after meeting these Five Fingers believe that feelings can change, a lot better!

The Five Fingers shoes
are innovative in form and composition. This footwear is designed to simulate walking barefoot. According to some doctors and podiatrists barefoot improves muscles of our legs and our feet. For example, this shoes simulates the shape of the foot, including the toes!. The Vibram soles are made of a material that allows a big grip and durability.




Potential solution

So, and here came my reflection: maybe a way to fix the point "weak" from our fixed gear is through the use of this shoe Five Fingers, because they help us to feel perfectly whole chain of transmission, and so reach the perfect time to get in our Fixie rides.

Experience and where to buy

Well, if someone else has used this combination I'd like to hear your opinion. And if you want to buy these shoes I've bought for about $ 39 and free shipping on a website where they have several models. The best thing has been the experience with the people of Customer, you solve all problems or concerns you have about your shoes thanks to having online chat. This website is Peace Bird Fashion Store.

I hope comments, thanks!

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