Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ass savers: from now, the rain is not a problem

As the title says, as of now, the rain is not a problem. You may ask, why? Well, some Swedes have invented innovative product that we show below, an interesting invention that allows the rain do not worry about water the spots that leaves you in the back, and ... your ass ...

The name of the invention is "ass savers" and this is his story:

Ass Savers is a group of five designers/entrepreneurs/friends with an almost unhealthy interest for anything bike. Based in Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city of Sweden, they’ve all had their fair share of soaking wet cracks and it was one of those days, coming out of the office and realizing that it was once again raining, that the Ass Saver was born.
They were definitely not the first to take a piece of cardboard, an empty water bottle, or a newspaper and chuck it under the saddle to save at least our asses from the worst spray. But being designers/entrepreneurs/friends they saw a need for something better.

Now, the rational reasons why they don’t like traditional fenders are plenty. But most importantly, they still remember the feeling of liberty and breathtaking speed when you were at the age of twelve and you freed your first bike from its ugly, heavy fenders in the spring. It was as if the bike could fly. Sadly or gladly, none
of them has matured very much on this particular matter since those days.
So that’s why they desperately wanted a product that lets us be twelve years old when they take off on their bikes but also lets them be grown-ups and reasonably clean when we arrive.

And that's the Ass Saver. Its an emergency fender that protects you from the worst spray that would otherwise be there as a we reminder all day. Its absolutely rattle free and weighs close to nothing. You won’t even notice its there. When you don’t need it, you fold it up and hide it underneath your saddle until the next
time streets get wet. And dare they say, as far as fenders go, it even looks kinda nice!

Judging from the feedback from riders and the viral interest in their magic plastic sheet, it is clear that their ambition to innovate at the junction of functional and emotional needs has struck a chord all across the biking community. This has given them the courage and enthusiasm to develop even more ass saving products for bike riders in search for something better. So sit back, relax and leave your ass in the hands of professionals! 

Instructions to use:

Stand on your left side of the bike. Grab the Ass Saver with your right hand just below the slots/holes and squeeze until it takes the shape of a half cylinder, printed side up. Push the Ass Saver from behind the rear of your saddle between the saddle rails until it snaps onto the rails. To assist, use your left hand long finger and push the Ass Saver up towards the roof of your saddle.
To get it to snap properly, it can help if you wiggle it slightly from left to right. If it bottoms out in the front before it snaps, it could be a good idea to trim the top with a normal pair of scissors.

For instruction video, please checkout this video:

The Fixed Gear World test:

The Fixed Gear World test the Ass Saver in our fixed gear bike "the pinky fixie" and here we have some pics about:

Our conclusions:

The product is:
  • easy of use
  • easy to store when not raining
  • extremely light
  • very customizable, ass savers offers the ability to customize the colors and decorations
  • an invention is truly innovative and environmentally sustainable


Facts about the Ass Savers:

Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Founded by 5 designers/entrepreneurs/friends:
Staffan Weigel, Jungho Kim, Erik Torstensson, Oscar Ternbom and Petter Danielsson


Facts about the Ass Saver:

Designed to recycle - One part, one material 50% made from already recycled material!
Weighs 15 grams. That's 1/10 of a normal plastic fender!
Comes in10 colours!
Will last about 10000 folds!
Can be ordered with special print! 

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