Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rideout from Aarau - Switzerland

There isn’t really a history of origins of the club. As so often, it was coincidence that brought together three young men who shared the same interests: Julian Meier, Marc Niederhauser and Pascal Frehner.

The hobby of one of them frequently came up in conversation: Building and riding fixed-gear bikes. Enthusiastically, the young men met up to build two more “fixies”, so they could go on trips together. Shortly after, Lukas Christen and Michael Rösti, who had also been infected by the Fixie fever, joined the group. That’s when they decided to start a club: "Fixedgear-Aarau“ was born.
The five boys met up regularly to talk about fixies. And soon, the number one topic of conversation was to have an own workshop. And when Selim Imoberdorf and Christoph Voellmy joined the club as the final members, they decided to make the dream come true: It didn’t take the seven members long to find a suitable venue in Aarau. The clubhouse, located in Entfelderstrasse, offers enough space to work on the bikes and to display them to the public in a shop window. At the same time, the workshop is a cosy place for the club members to meet up.
It then turned out that finding a name for the venue was way more difficult than finding the venue. After many hours, hundreds of suggestions and endless discussions, it came to them: Their clubhouse was the start and end point of their excursions, and that’s why they named it “Rideout”

And this is their video presentation:

Rideout from Rideout | Fixedgear Aarau on Vimeo.

Thanks to this young riders for create this great idea in Switzerland! 

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