Sunday, January 6, 2013

KMC S1 Chain by Gurpil product review

A few days ago we did a first post about this product from KMC that Gurpil friends sent us.
Today we will show the results we obtained when we mounted our test bike.


The product that is going to test the brand chain KMC S1 model. This chain sent to us from Gurpil, an official dealer of this brand of chains located in Spain with a wide range of interesting bicycle components very useful when creating or improving your fixed gear bike.

Product Specifications

Model:  KMC S1 Color
Colours: Purple, green and orange (available in other colours) 
Compatible with: Internal gear hub / single speed / fixed gear
Products included: Chain and Snap-On
Size: 1/2" X 1/8" 112 Links
Pin length: 8'6mm
Extras: Low noise

First impressions 

At first glance, the colours of the chains are not painted in matte colour the chains are metallic. The chains are packed into small packages in which we can observe the colour of the chain, in our case in orange, green and purple metallic. 
When we opened the package we see perfectly ordered the chain and ... When we touch we note that the chain has a thin layer of colourless oil which ensures smooth operation of the chain. 

Testing the chain in our fixed gear bike

We have test the chains in our famous test bike..."The Pinky Fixie". We usually fit a pink KMC chain in our bike, but in this case we have fit all three chains in our bike.
The chain assembly is quite simple, we only had to remove the old chain and replace it with the new KMC S1 by Gurpil.
How to? Just remove the snap-on to our old chain. Comparing the length of the old and the new chain. In this way we will know the exact length of the new chain to fit perfectly into our fixie.
To cut the chain and leave it with the exact size we will need a tool called "bike steel chain breaker repair tool". This tool allows you to cut without damaging the chain and very simple.

The assembly of the three chains KMC S1 has been simple, the pictures you can see as the chains have been finally assembled in our fixie.
When we're done, it's time to test them! The sound produced by pedalling is minimal, almost null. We've made some skids to test its resistance in extreme cases and chains have performed perfectly.
Aesthetically chains are very nice, its metallic colour adds a touch different from the chains of matte colour.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Very original colours
  • Sound almost null
  • Resistant when we do skids
  • Highly recommended if you want a bike chain original, strong and easy to maintain.


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