Sunday, January 20, 2013

Origins: Contour & Aeroyal saddle review

Origins by Selle Royal

This week we have a very interesting review, Selle Royal's friends sent us two models of its new saddle retro collection called "Origins". Remember the saddles of the 70's and 80's? Personally I remember when I was young and I got my first BMX bike, wearing a red plastic saddle ultramodern at the time, was the envy of my friends! Well, Selle Royal has returned to manufacture the famous Aeroyal! Incredible memories it brings me ...
And, do you remember racing bikes from the 70's? Many top riders wore saddle famous model, called Contour Royal... and it is back to manufacture too!
During these days we could test these two saddles on our test bike Pinky Fixie and the truth, we have found that are fantastic, a touch too retro for our bike.

Origins by Selle Royal

About Selle Royal

In 1956, Riccardo Bigolin, chairman of the company, founded Selle Royal. For over 50 years they have been dedicating time and resources, together with their partners across the globe, to give you the best possible ride.

Selle Royal believes that the bicycle is going to save the world. It is the perfect product to make people happy, allow them to see more than they would on foot, feel the freedom of the wind in their face , save energy from fossil fuels, and help them get exercise and wellness.

Origins by Selle Royal

Aeroyal saddle by Selle Royal

Origins by Selle Royal
This saddle model Aeroyal was made exactly like the model in the 80s wore our BMX bikes, so if you have a fixed gear bike tricks this saddle to give a touch to your BMX bike saddle and is a very lightweight and comfortable.  
The model we tested is white, but you can also choose black color.
The anchoring system is like any other saddle, is compatible with any of the most used systems.
It weighs 300 gr.

Origins by Selle Royal

Origins by Selle Royal

Origins by Selle Royal

Contour Royal by Selle Royal

Origins by Selle Royal
The saddle we tested is the Contour Royal in white, an instant classic when It Appeared in the '70s, This fusion of ultimate comfort and tradition has been re-created to combine strong, ultralight materials with maximum support. You can also buy insurance in other colors combine perfectly with your fixie: blue, white and black.
The weight of this saddle is 395 gr.
As you can see in the pictures, this model gives our saddle fixed gear bike a touch of "retro" and minimalist, and when you use, is simple and comfortable. We have checked that a saddle is easy to clean, you know that the saddles very light colors get dirty quickly, but the material it is constructed this model is easy to clean using a damp cloth.

Origins by Selle Royal

Origins by Selle Royal



  • Attractive and with retro look, like BMX 80's
  • lightweight
  • It's plastic, so if you want a saddle in which to spend long hours may not be the best model, but if you want to do tricks is perfect!







Royal Contour:

  • Minimalist, simple, and retro-looking, but good quality. 
  • Good materials, very easy to clean. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable. 
  • Attractive if you enjoy having a fixie with an air of the 70's. 
If you want to get more info about this amazing saddles by Selle Royal you can check their site "Origins"

 Here you have all pics we made about this product:

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