Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bamboo T-Shirt Titanium Bike by Wear Chemistry Review

Bamboo collection by Wear Chemistry
So far we have always conducted reviews of products directly related to bikes, but this time we have expanded the scope and we will conduct a review of clothing because ... usually when we rode bikes dressed ... (yes, I know , some do naked ...) and a very important part are our shirts, shirts that normally show our likes and trends ... and of course, our love for fixies!

Well, today we're going to do a review of a rather curious shirt is made ​​of bamboo, and is closely related to the world of bikes .. now we see!


The Bamboo T-Shirt by Wear Chemistry Review

Bamboo collection by Wear Chemistry
Well guys, we will make a review of this T-Shirt, we have it in size L, and vintage denim colour. About the size, as you can see in the pictures I'm not a "fashion model", and size L is a "little" just and fitted for my bulky body, I think it would be nice if was manufactured in size XL. 

But this is not the most interesting about this T-Shirt, it has a logo mixing bikes and the element of the periodic table of titanium (Ti), as you sure know, some bikes are made of's a really cool design!

It is made ​​with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, so touch is really smooth and fresh, much finer and comfortable than typical shirts made with 100% cotton, congratulations Wear Chemistry!



  • The quality of the fabric is of good quality.
  • You can only buy it in size S, M and L, I think they should make the XL size ...
  • It is perfect for use throughout the year, but with heat provides better breathability than cotton shirts.
  • Shows your passion for bikes ... and that's always good!







About Wear Chemistry

Bamboo collection by Wear Chemistry

They are different. They are better.
They champion those that are not afraid of being unconventional or having their own ideas.
They represent those that are not bound by a single formula, those that cannot be put into a single box.
Wear Chemistry is inspired by these people.
They combine original, bold design with great-fitting sustainable fabric.
Inspired by Science. Art. Words. Everyday Life.
Their clothing has been hand finished and cut to fit your frame.
All of their garments are ethically made.
Made from 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton, it's soft to the touch and feels great against your skin.
It will make you look good, feel good and - if you want to - tick that box in your conscience.
Wear Chem Limited. Founded in London. 2010.


All our pics about the Bamboo T-Shirt Titanium by Wear Chemistry

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