Monday, May 27, 2013

Après Vélo T-Shirts for fixed gear riders from Australia

Hi all! Today we are really happy, we have received two T-shirts from our friends from Après Velo, an Australian on line shop who sell a lot of T-shirts and other apparel for fixed gear riders with really cool designs.
T-shirts by Après Velo
Here we have two T-shirts, for men and women. For men we have received a model called "Fixie", and for women we have received a model called Fixation 'Code of Honour' Unlimited Edition. And here we have our product review!

Fixie model

T-shirt "Fixie" by Après Velo

This T-shirt is made of cotton, really sweet and comfortable to ride and walk around, it has a message in the rear side: "If its not fixed is broken"...
DESCRIPTION: Slim fit Tee, with narrow neck band.
FEATURES: Printed graphics front and rear. Badge on sleeve.
FABRIC: 100% cotton jersey, silicone washed for that super soft and worn feel.
COLOUR: Dusty Pink
Here we have some pictures wearing this T-shirt:
T-shirt "Fixie" by Après Velo
T-shirt "Fixie" by Après Velo
T-shirt "Fixie" by Après Velo
T-shirt "Fixie" by Après Velo

Fixation 'Code of Honour' Unlimited Edition model

T-shirt "Fixation - Code of Honour" by Après Velo
This T-shirt for women has a really cool draw in their rear side, super soft and comfortable.
DESCRIPTION: Semi-fitted crew-neck T with contrast coloured stiching detail.
FEATURES: Finely printed T shirt front and rear.
FABRIC: cotton elastane single jersey, enzyme-washed for that super-soft, worn feel.
COLOUR: black

Here we have some pictures about this T-shirt for women:
T-shirt "Fixation - Code of Honour" by Après Velo
T-shirt "Fixation - Code of Honour" by Après Velo
T-shirt "Fixation - Code of Honour" by Après Velo
T-shirt "Fixation - Code of Honour" by Après Velo


  • Very comfortable  
  • Great designs and draws
  • Really good quality
  • Perfect for fixed gear fashion

About Après Vélo and his "insane dream"


To build a new nation from scratch, where we could all:

Live a Life Spent Behind Bars
Follow our Life Long Passion
Live to Ride and Ride to Live
Consume our Drug of Choice at will
Carbo Load every 4 hours
Wear our heart on our Tee’s
Entwine ourselves in True Love
Worship the cult of the Crank
And on the 7th day go spinning

Land of the Devoted and Home of the Insane

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