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Doing Cruiser Board, a good friend of your fixie this summer!

Hi riders! Summertime is arriving these days...and we are sure that you enjoy a lot with your fixed gear bike, or single speed, but today we want to show you a good friend of your bike, a cruiser board.

Old School Skater from the blog skate4everybody
Our friends of Doing has sent us one their models of cruiser boards, in this case is a plastic cruiser board. Probably you remind the 70`s and 80's when a lot of young people skated little plastic skateboards in fun colors...well, this trend is back and has become hitting very strong!

Here we will make our review of this plastic cruiser board made by Doing a company based in China who makes really nice skates where you can customize your board with a lot of deck, trucks and wheels colors.

Our Plastic Cruiser Board "Glow in the Dark" by Doing
Our Doing cruiser board is similar than other cruisers like Penny, Globe or Stereo Vinyl, but in our case with a lower price and great quality as I will explain in this post.

About the Doing Cruiser Board

Doing Cruiser Board transparent blue wheel
The cruiser board we have test is in white color, but this deck is "glow in the dark" as you can see in one of the pictures. You can choose more colors like: white/black/red/pink/green/blue/purple/orange.
The deck is made in high impact injection molded plastic, this plastic is flexible and supports a weight of 100 kg, my weight is about 86 kg and it works perfectly!
The size of the deck is 22 inch, is shorter than other wooden cruiser boards, but this size is perfect to transport it when you go around your city. In our cruiser board the deck has a fish scaled grip, it's not necessary to fix other grip in the deck, for the moment!
The trucks are made of full aluminum with high quality performance, in our case, the color of the trucks is blue, but you can choose other colors like green, aluminum, red, yellow, white, purple, orange or black.
The bushing is a super soft pu 82A in yellow color.
The bearings are ABEC-7 stainless steel, and the wheels are made in urethane, 45 mm width and 60 mm height. Our wheels are in transparent blue color, but you can choose this wheels in other colors like transparent green, red and pink, or in matte colors like orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, black, white, white glow in the dark or pink. They offers other wheels with LED lights inside..

The Doing Cruiser Board review

We have tested this cruiser board first just before we received the product, without use it or ride it. The deck seems really nice, the color combination remember us a surf board on the blue ocean...nice! The wheels seem soft and big to ride on the city ground.
Here we have some pics of the product before ride it:

Doing Cruiser Board unboxed
And here you have the deck "glow in the dark":

Doing Cruiser Board glowing in the dark

After ride this Doing Cruiser Board we can say it's really funny and easy, a perfect friend of our fixed gear bike riding in the city or in the beach along the long streets and avenues with smooth surfaces. You can enjoy carving on the streets like a surf board or snowbard...really funny!

Here you can see the differences between the unused Doing Cruiser Board and after used:

Doing Cruiser Board (up) after and (down) before
And here you have some pics riding this funny board:

Doing Cruiser Board barefoot riding

Doing Cruiser Board riding along the streets


We recommend this Doing Cruiser Board because:
  • The quality of the product is really good, it's cheaper than other plastic cruiser boards, the price of this Doing Cruiser Board starts in 45$ with free shipping, it could be different if your choose colored trucks, glow in the dark deck, LED wheels...
  • It's very comfortable to carry when you go to the city, to your job, to your school...
  • It's perfect to complement your passion for urban sports: fixed gear bike, single speed bike....


More photos of our review

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