Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cycle Me Home presents FEEL FREE - the trailer

Hi all! Here we have the last trailer from Cycle Me Home, and here you have the video and some words about:
After a rather successful film premiere last spring the team felt that cycling and filming is simply the right thing to do. The first abroad screening event called for the Berlin-Budapest Beer Ride, followed by the LEAP Tour (London-Edinburgh-Amsterdam-Paris), after which we kinda got tired of naming our trips. As a result, we ended up with an organized mess of random footage. It's safe to say that we've visited a fair amount of cities from Toronto to Moscow since last spring, usually with one hand on the handlebar and camera in the other one.
What we have here then, is a collection of our traveling experiences, giving you a better insight of our lifestyle - and also on many unimportant things. Like how to win an alleycat in Madrid if you're wasted. Or how they - I mean - what they roll in Riga. Things like that. Old and new faces, familiar and undiscovered places - one thing is sure: we ride fixies wherever we go.
And of course, as we are still huge fans of the one and only Dusty Kid, who else could be the one choosing the soundtrack of the new movie if not him?

CMH presents FEEL FREE - the trailer from Cycle Me Home on Vimeo.

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