Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Prism Cycles fixie/single speed: Unboxing & Assembling (1st part)

One day you see a bike in the street, and you think...mmm I want one like this!...you search in Internet, write in Google: "fixed gear shop"... but you don't know which to choose! Well, today we're going to try to help you,  our friends from Prism Cycles (located in Ireland but with worldwide shipping) has sent us a bike designed by ourselves ... yes, yes, by ourselves! On their website you can use a simulator and choose the color of various parts of your bicycle: chain, frame, wheels, tires, saddle, grips ...
and this has been our experience, we hope you will help!

When you visit theis "Build your own" site in their site http://prismcycles.com/ you configure your desired bike as you can see in the next image...

Our future bike in"Build your own"
As you can see, you can choose: frame colour, rear and front wheel color, rear and front tyre color, crank colour, saddle colour, grip colour and saddle post and stem colour. Well, you see in the image our design...yes, I know, it's too much multicolored but the riders who will use it wants a crazy bike!

After this, you order the bike, via Paypal, about 430€, and you will receive it before 2 weeks.
We received a box like you can see in the image with the 80% of the bike assembled, you only have to fit front wheel, saddle and post, pedals and the hand bar previously assembled with front and rear brakes and grips, it's really easy to assembly all, you don't need to be an expert!

In next post, we will review all the components in this Prism Cycles bike! As you can see our model is a single speed bike, but it comes with flip/flop rear wheel, and you can choose between fixed gear/fixie or single speed, it's easy to change, you only need to disassemble it and turn the wheel.

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