Friday, December 20, 2013

Brands & Companies: You make products, we test it!

Year 2013's time to make a resume of all that we had made this year...and one important thing for us is to make the best products reviews thinking in all of you, fixed gear and single speed riders...

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Along 2012 and 2013 we have made 21 products review posts about all kind of things related with our fixed gear world: apparel, lights, straps, keychains...even of a bike! You can see all our reviews en this link.

It's amazing for us to test all kind of things related with our little world, we enjoy doing it, as all the brands and companies know, we make it for free (for the moment), it's a free cost option for a lot of companies to show us their products, and the most important: to test it before you buy, giving our point of view of the products by us, an specialized site for this fixed gear world.

Is not your company or brand in the photo above?

If your company is not in our resume, don't worry, contact us by mail and explain us what do you want to send us to review, we will be really happy doing the review for free! We can talk without compromise.

As we said, we make it for free cost for you, you only send us for free a sample of your products: bike components, apparel, bicycle, wheels... and we make one or more posts with our review. The cost for you is only the sample and the shipping.


Ass Savers, KMC, Gurpil, Hold Fast, Bookman, Selle Royal, Digirit, Ribcap, Ledus Wheelus, Wear Chemistry, Far and Gear, Restrap, Toob, Sticky Rims, Pedalbelt, Cycology Wear, Bagaboo, Rad Race, North St. Bags, Prism Cycles and Après Velo... we appreciate your confidence working with us during this time, we expect continued during 2014! Happy new year!

December 2013
Founder of The Fixed Gear World

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