Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bigo Bag Five: It’s not just a bag - 5 functions in 1 bag

Hi riders, today we want to talk about an amazing project based in Kickstarter, the aim of this project is to refund enough money to develop a new product called Bigo Bag Five, we want to support this project and here you have his story, they need your support:

Bigo Bag is a multifunctional product that can be converted into a bag, a raincoat, a baby sling, a picnic blanket and can be expanded.

The first product being introduced by the Bigo brand is the Bigo Bag Five. The Five, as its name implies, has 5 separate functions that provide all-around convenience and protection any time you need. The bag can be switched in no time to be used as a raincoat, a baby sling, or a picnic blanket. You can even increase the carrying capacity of the bag by zipping two or more bags together. There is really no limit to how many bags you can put together.

# 1 50 L Backpack  

The size of the Bigo Bag Five varies depending on the contents of the bag. Bigo Bags have a volume of between 40-50 liters depending on the size of the bag. Another great advantage of the Bigo Bag Five big advantage is that in a single motion it is easy to access the contents of the bag. The Bigo Bag Five comes in men's and women's sizes.There's a handy pouch on the shoulder strap where you can hold your phone, Kleenex, or other pocket-sized things.

# 2 Rain Poncho

With just a few motions the Bigo Bag Five becomes a rain poncho, short or long, just when you need it. Just the right protection whether you find yourself in a drizzle or a downpour. It's also good for light snow.

# 3 Baby Sling

In one quick motion Bigo Bag Five becomes a safe, comfortable sling that both new mother's and father's can use. Parents can hold their children close while at the same have their hands free for whatever they need to do. Mom, Dad and baby are all happy campers! 

# 4 Picnic Blanket

As a picnic blanket, the Bigo Bag Five is perfect in the park or anywhere outdoors; just pull it out, throw it down and kick back and read or chat with friends. And don't worry about wet grass, the Five is water-resistant.

# 5 Expandable

You can zip a few Bigo Bag Fives together to make a much bigger bag, perfect for when you have too much to handle. 

Bigo Bag Five is a comfortable, practical solution for everyday situations that pop up in life. The Bigo Bag Five is the first product they've created but they have a lot more ideas for multifunctional products, and with your support, they can create a Bigo brand which will provide practical, multifunctional solutions for everyday.
Now that they've made the first prototypes, they are looking for support to have a produce the bags in larger quantities at a higher level of production. So they come to you, Kickstarter, and ask you to help them help make your life easier.

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