Monday, February 10, 2014

Hardbrakers - Budapest to Istanbul Movie Teaser

Hi fixie lovers! Yesterday we received a post from Karl Krabbenhöft from Hamburg (Germany) telling us their story, here you have it in his own words:

"Last summer 12 of my friends and I went on a tour through Eastern Europe going from Budapest to Istanbul.
It was one of the dopest experiences of my life and we had so much fun riding, checkin out the nature and the  9 cities we past. We met so many nice locals, got really rowdy at the clubs and made a lot of friends.
But because words can’t describe how beautiful the route was we are working on a documentary right now digging through roughly 2TB of footage our friend and camera guy Daniel filmed. We just finished a Teaser which gives an idea of what the documentary will be like. We are already planning our next tour this summer and I can’t wait to ride my bike in the sun again with the best friends you can imagine! (The weather is fucking shitty right now in Hamburg) here you can check out the stages with a little report and some other data"

And here we have their teaser, enjoy it!

Hardbrakers - Budapest to Istanbul Movie Teaser from Hardbrakers on Vimeo.

Upload to Vimeo by Hardbrakers

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