Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi riders, today we want to show another model of messenger bag from CYCBAK, in this case, we want to show you the CYCBAK CB-0530 Utility Messenger bag. A medium bag to carry all you need in your urban routes.



CYCBAK (CB-0530) Utility Messenger review

The CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER uses 1100 denier polyester fabric that has been specially coated on both sides with 0.9mm PVC. This provides an immensely strong, tear resistant and waterproof material, the results are bags that are virtually unaffected by weather (excesses of heat, cold or humidity), fuel, oil, strong sunlight and daily abrasion.

All this fits in the CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER

The CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER is designed as a trendy and rugged bag for the new-age urban cyclist, able to weather all condition while looking fashionable. It also comes with thick carrying straps and and additional stabilizing strap to ensure comfort while riding a bike. Thick Reflector Strip only in the carry strap not only looks fashionable but also ensures bikers are clearly visible and safe.

All you have seen in the past pic inside the CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER
We have tested it and the feelings were nice, you can configure maybe all his belts and straps, and you can add inside a lot of things to carry on. It fits perfect in your back when you ride.


  • Strong, tear resistant and waterproof material
  • 2 Inch Carry Strap and Thick Padding for Comfort 
  • Stabilizing strap to ensure bag does not slide ard while cycling
  • PVC Mesh allowing users to clip on attachments as desired
Backside and stabilizing strap of the CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER


  • Nice design, you can choose your own design and colors
  • Strong, really strong and authentic waterproof
  • Highly recommended for riders who use to carry on a lot of things or couriers

Detail of the stabilizing strap of the CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER

Hook closure system of the CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER

Hook closure system of the CYCBAK (CB-0530) UTILITY MESSENGER


CYCBAK firmly believe that all of their products are unique style. Which is based on they use the most durable materials combined with cutting-edge design and advanced technology create the unique style Bags & Packs... ...


CYC mean damage can be repaired (even scarred) + function can be expanded (as they use a very modular design)
BAK mean the storage space, they are dedicated to the effectiveness of space utilization! All products are adhering to this philosophy! Their products must function takes precedence over the appearance!

You can contact with them in Facebook, Flickr, Google+ and to buy their products you can visit the eshop of one of their distributors Pro-Lifestyle.


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