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PRODUCT REVIEW: SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from De Marchi

Sometimes, as a rider, you feel like the cyclist we saw on TV riding the Giro, Tour or La Vuelta, sometimes you want to be one of them... riding like them, feeling the competition like them, and, why not, wearing like them. Today we want to show you our review of a genuine replica of the SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from De Marchi.

Front of the SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Our SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey review

Inspired by the success of competitor Salvarani in cycling, Renzo Fornari started his fitted-kitchen sponsored
team SCIC (Super Cucine Italiane Componibili) in 1969 with newly minted World Champion Vittorio Adorni.

Managed by Ercole Baldini, 1970 was a "tornee' d'addio" victory lap for the popular Adorni in his final year
in pro cycling. Adorni's SCIC teammates that season included sprinters Luciano Armani and Adriano Durante.  
Adorno wore this jersey in the second part of the season as he started 1970 clad in the the Maglia Tricolore of Italian champion.

This SCIC Vittorio Adorni Jersey is an authentic reproduction of the jersey originally made by De Marchi in 1969-70.
They use a itch-free Merino wool blend for easy care, classic mother-of-pearl buttoned pockets with reinforced stitching, logos in Cornely-type hand cranked embroidery and doubled cuffs.
Handmade in Italy by De Marchi, like back in the day.

We tested this jersey and the feeling was great. The fabric, merino wool, is really soft and very well finished. It is full of details that take you to those 60's and 70's famous cyclists, the SCIC letters carefully embroidered, labels, just great.

We have take some photos to show you all details of this awesome jersey.

Front of the SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Details of the sleeves SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Backside with the pockets. SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Front of the SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Inside label. SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Backside pockets with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Backside .SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Detail of the De Marchi logo in the chest. SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Box where it comes. SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi

Box, our size is a 3XL, be careful if you buy one. SCIC 1969 Adorni Jersey from  De Marchi


  • If you want to feel like cyclist you need to wear this jersey
  • Extremely high quality materials
  • Genuine replica, no one like this in the market

About De Marchi

Founded At The Dawn Of Cycling
De Marchi founder Emilio De Marchi was a pioneer of modern cycling. Born in 1906, he was friend to cycling legends like Ottavio Bottecchia, Gino Bartali and Louison Bobet (in the photo below, with Emilio), just to name a few. Originally, Emilio De Marchi started his career as a mechanic of bicycles and motorcycles. After being a racing cyclist himself, in the 1920's, he became actively involved with some of the first professional cycling teams ever established. 

At that time, quality cycling apparel was very hard to come by, so Emilio and wife Emma, who were asked by many fellow cyclists, started a small homemade production of cycling clothing in the 1930's. Emilio De Marchi's Maglificio Sportivo actively contributed to creating the first technical cycling clothing created for the sport he loved, as opposed to more generic "sports" clothes that were more easily available back then.

Choice Of Champions
In the post WW2 period, Emilio De Marchi brought his daughter Elda into the business, a second generation of the De Marchi family who would take the pure passion of Emilio's Maglificio Sportivo into a real business, Maglificio Sportivo De Marchi. They created iconic garments such as the Italia track suit and the legend goes on with names such as Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi, Marino Basso, Francesco Moser and Claudio Corti to name a few, who made it to the top of the cycling world in the sixties, seventies and eighties wearing jerseys and shorts from Maglificio Sportivo De Marchi.

From Back in the Day, Still Going Strong Today.
At the end of the 1980's, Elda's sons came into De Marchi. The third generation of the De Marchi expanded markets, worked as cycling clothing partners with emerging international bicycle manufacturers and riders.
Historically, De Marchi has been the sponsor and/or developer and manufacturer for Ritchey, Breezer, Marin, Diamondback, Schwinn, Scott, GT, Trek, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Specialized, Dainese, Oakley, The Russian Cycling Federation, Tour of America, Tour of Ireland and the American Cycling Federation. Just to name a few.
The tradition established by Emilio De Marchi and carried on by his family to make great cycling clothing in Italy is alive everyday at De Marchi. 

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