Monday, March 3, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Borel belt - Silicone card wallet - Slick wallet

Hi riders, today we want to show you some products from our friends BOREL, they made a genuine products that helps us to make our ride more fashion and comfortable: belts, card wallets and slick wallets are part of this products, and today we will make our own review.

Borel belt -  Silicone card wallet - Slick wallet

Borel belt review

We have received a blue Borel belt and a yellow buckle to interchange in the belt, the combination of this two colors: blue and yellow it's great, you can configure your own belt, they have 15 belts in 15 colors, and 9 buckles. 
Borel belt

To interchange the buckle is really simple and easy, you don't need a manual of instruction to do it...great! Keep it simple!
The product is made in a recyclable rubber strong enough to hold your U-Lock as you can see in the pics.

Borel belt holding our U-lock

Borel belt - Detail of the brand logo

Borel belt -  Original blue buckle

Belt:Unisex, one size fit most, all weather proof, airport friendly and recyclable belts with interchangeable buckle.
Buckle: Interchangeable High-Impact Plastic buckle for Borel Belts. Change your flavor by changing your buckle.
Price: $20 Belt and $6.95 Buckle

Silicone card wallet review

Here you have one of the best things to keep your credit cards in your pocket, this silicone card wallet is perfect to ride, easy and simple, as all Borel's products!
In our case it's in blue color, Id slot with thumb window for easy pull your cards.

Borel Silicone card wallet opened

Borel Silicone card wallet closed

Borel belt -  box and info

Slick wallet review

Yes, you need a wallet, when you ride you need to carry on your own wallet, but you need a light and strong wallet to carry in your pocket, probably it could be your wallet. As I said, all Borel's products are simple and well thought.
Borel Slick wallet

Leatherette grain finish slim wallet. Holds up to 10 cards and several bills. Id slot with thumb window for easy pull. Quick access to all your cards and cash. Dual colour- Red exterior with Black interior.
Price: $25

Borel belt Slick wallet closed

Borel Slick wallet closed


  • Simple products
  • Comfortable products
  • Great for urban riders, you have all: design and utility


Inspired by simplicity and minimalism in design, and made with durability and quality in craftsmanship, Borel was created to fulfill it’s dream and reach it’s vision to be a part of every life. By designing and making functional and unique products, Borel has been well received by skate, snow, surf board and lifestyle folks around the world. Based in Vancouver, Canada – Borel manufactures the finest line of accessories such as skinny belts, leather and plastic wallets, leather and plastic accessories for iphone and ipad cases as well as backpacks for all and everyday use.

Some of BOREL’s exclusive accessory lines such as the ‘original’  label line of genuine leather wallets and iPhone porters are 100% made in Canada and reflect the brand’s passion and commitment towards developing a brand locally to the demands of the sports and lifestyle culture in Canada and rest of the world

BOREL strives to be a part of your culture and everyday life.

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