Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Black Reflective Wheel Stripes & Hexalate Reflective Stickers from FIKS: REFLECTIVE

Hi riders, today we bring you a new product review, in this case about a safety product for your fixie: reflective stickers from FIKS: REFLECTIVE. Two interesting products that increase your safety during your night trips, the Black reflective wheel stripes, and the Hexalate Reflective stickers for your frame and fork.

Black Reflective Wheel Stripes review

The Reflective wheel stripes reviewed by us comes in black color, but it's amazing to see how it works at night when reflect the light in white color, woow! We were searching for a reflective strips, but we always find it in white or other colors, but not in black...our rims are black and we don't wanted to change the color of the rims, with this product from FIKS: REFLECTIVE we have find our solution!

To install it it's really easy, as you can see in the video, you only need to clean the surface of your rims, in our case we have used alcohol, after this, you only need to start to peel and stick the stickers in your rims. If at first you have not placed well, you can peel it off and place it back easily, we have stuck it below the braking band of the rim.

Technical info:
Fiks:Reflective Wheel Stripes increase visibility for bicycles to keep their riders safe. They are designed specifically to fit modern bicycle wheels by easily sticking onto the non-braking surface of the rim. The special glass bead embedded film reflects light from the headlights of a car back towards the car and the driver to keep you seen and semi-permanent adhesive makes for durable installation that removes cleanly when it's time for change.
Sizes: 7mm, 14mm and 10mm

Hexalate Reflective Stickers review 

Maybe you are interested in ad more reflective stickers to your fixed gear bike, to stick in your frame, fork or saddlepost, well, the people of FIKS: REFLECTIVE has created another interesting product for you with a genuine design, the Hexalate Reflective Stickers

These vibrant retroreflective stickers are designed to allow you to be as creative [or boring] as you want. They enable you to make an almost endless number of patterns and their microscopic embedded glass beads will reflect light to help keep you seen out there at night.
14 Large Hexagons
12 Diamonds
12 Triangles
7 Hollow Hexagons
7 Small Hexagons



Stay safe without looking like a traffic cone.
In November of 2011, I pitched a simple idea I had on Kickstarter to create reflective rim stripes to apply to the wheels of bicycles to make them and their riders more visible at night.  After reaching the funding goal in only 30 hours and getting featured on popular websites like WIRED and Urban Velo, the project ended with way more support than I ever imagined.

Today, with the help of several hundred Kickstarter backers from all over the world, Fiks:Reflective is a thriving start-up in Pittsburgh, PA set on changing how people view reflective products.  
Reflective clothing and accessories really haven't changed in decades--most of the reflective products available may serve their function to help keep you seen at night, but they are almost always something I would never want to wear or put on my own bike.  
My goal is to design quality, innovative products that can help keep you safe without hindering your personal style and produce them locally, in-house.  We handle everything from design and research to production and distribution all from our studio in the Point Breeze neighborhood of the steel town.  It is extremely important to me to source as much as we can from within the United States and we buy from local distributors whenever possible.

I am extremely grateful to the overwhelming amount of support for what we are doing, and I hope to continue to do everything I can to help keep you safe at night.

Nick Drombosky
Founder, Fiks:Reflective

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