Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fixed Bike Top, design your fixie with Italian style!

Hi riders, today we want to show you some pics and info about one of our sponsors: Fixed Bike Top
Fixed Bike Top is an Italian website where you can configure and design your own fixie, they have a lot of possible combinations: colorful, camouflage frame, six spokes wheels, pedals, cranks...

Francesco Fattore, the creator and founder of this website is a fixed gear lover, he creates his website to offer to all the fixed gear lovers a site where the customer design his fixie easily. The prices of his fixies starts in 299€. Francesco has created an app for your mobile to design and buy your fixie too as you can see in the next image.

More pics about the fixed gear bikes by Fixed Bike Top published in his website:

Where to find Fixed Bike Top?

Site and online shop: Fixed Bike Top

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