Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wootbikes Carrea: Modern Fixie with a retro style

Hi riders, today we want to show you new fixed gear bike, the second designed by Wootbikes: Carrea.

Wootbikes: Carrea

Inspired by the heroic story of Andrea Carrea they sat down to design their second fixed gear bike. First they challenged their woodworkers to create an eye-popping, tough looking bullhorn handlebar. Then they  designed a custom all new leather saddle and found some great looking retro tires by Schwalbe. The frame colour was of course always meant to be the exact same shade of greenish blue used by the Bianchi cycling team when they first conquered the Alp d'Huez in 1952.


Wooden handlebar Wootbikes: Carrea

The Carrea also sports a flip-flop hub so you can choose to ride fixed or free wheel. The frame is made from the same metal used in planes and handguns for durability and corrosion resistance, and the rims are made of special profiled aluminium to minimize the air resistance and weight.

Wootbikes is so excited about how this bike looks, feels and rides and they can't wait for you to take it for a spin!..
Wootbikes: Carrea

Wootbikes: Carrea

Wootbikes: Carrea

Wootbikes: Carrea

Andrea Carrea

Wootbikes: Carrea
It's the year 1952 and Fausto Coppi of the Bianchi team is determent to win this years Tour de France.
The day before the Tour will hit the majestic Alp d'Huez for the first time ever, Coppi's loyal domestique, Andrea Carrea tries to protect his interests in a group breaking away from the peleton. Carrea finishes not knowing he now is the race leader. When they tell him he bursts into tears.. "Without knowing it, I had inherited a jersey destined for champions. For me, it was a terrible situation."
So he becomes the first cyclist to ride the Alpe d’Huez in the yellow jersey. Coppi wins this stage, taking the yellow jersey from Carrea and later winning the Tour.

For years after retiring, Carrea rode up Alpe d’Huez ahead of the Tour de France, recognised only rarely by spectators. It was, he said, "A pilgrimage that nothing would make me miss."

Last year this incredibly noble and humble man passed away and his story inspired us to dedicate this bike to him: THE CARREA.

 You can find more info about this Wootbikes Carrea in their site

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