Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Phoenix recycled fixed gear bike by Ewout Vande Keere from Belgium

Hi riders, today we want to show you another fixie story...recycling old parts, painting... a handmade work from our friend Ewout Vande Keere, from Beernem (a town near Bruges - Belgium).
Phoenix recycled fixed gear bike by Ewout Vande Keere from Belgium

Here is his story:
When I was on holiday in Copenhagen I saw my first fixed gear bike. I thought this was so cool that I also wanted one myself. I was in my last year of studies and I didn't need my old rusted normal bike anymore. So I told to myself: why not build a fixie with it?
So I started to search on the internet for examples of fixies, vintage bikes and parts as an inspiration. In my search I also finded youre website full of nice bikes. I loved the colors of the bianci bikes but I don't wanted a full replica bianca so I chose a different color. After I have decided wich I wanted I started to work on it.
  • Frame & Fork: 'Phoenix', its a normal bike frame. He stripped it full with sandpaper and a bottle of acceton.
  • Painting: 2 layers of white primer, 3 layers of white green (ral 6019) (duplicolor) on the frame and chrome layers (multicolor) on the fork and finished it with 2 layers of clearcoat.
  • Stearingwheel: 3ttt, bought it second hand, painted it and put BLB brown cork bartape around it
  • Sadle: brown sadle of the brand 'specialized', bought it second hand
  • Brake cable and Chain: white brake cable and white chain, brand btwin
  • Wheels: Torpedo, black, 40 mm and brand WHY?
  • Total cost will be around 225€-250€ of this project, amazing!

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