Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Collaborative auction: Fixed bike by Officine Rossobike (Citybuyers)

Hi riders, today we bring you a great and amazing idea about how to buy a fixed gear bike (created by Rossobike) participating in this "collaborative auction", here we explain "how to". But first (if you talk Italian) watch this video explaining the project:

How to participate?

You can find all the info in their site:

In this auction, wins the bike ROSSOBIKE the lowest bid.

  1. Endorse auction and invite whoever you want.
  2. Soon as it reaches the portion of participants, pay the entrance fee and make your offer.
  3. If your bid is the lowest among the only (plus offers the same amount are excluded), you win the bike!

If you invite 100 people the admission price you'll pay them! Click here like us to use this option:

Price of admission: only € 1
Wins: the offer UNIQUE and LOWER

What does this mean lowest and unique bid?
Each participant has a single quote.

For auction ended, or when all participants have advanced their figure, Citybuyers analyzes offered EXCLUDING THOSE DOUBLE and classifying the rest in ascending order (from smallest to largest).

The lowest bid wins the auction.

Get lucky!

Pics of the fixed gear bike from Rossobike

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