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Fixed gear Forgood 2014 by Giovanni Motta & Biscagne Cicli

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Today we bring you fresh and nice news from the fixed gear world, in this case from a "non profit" project created by Biscagne Cicli Columbus. Every year since 2010 they produce a beautiful bike and then they put special sale on this web site. They call this "Fixed  Gear Forgood"
Fixed gear Forgood 2014 by Giovanni Motta & Biscagne Cicli

It 's beautiful because his frame was hand-painted by an Italian artist. And "special" because 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a good cause: the medical and scientific research for the benefit of children

They dedicate this 5th edition of their project "Fixed Gear Forgood" in Duchenne Parent Project, which supports research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy and gives support to families of children. The DMD is an auto-immune disease that begins to occur between 2 and 6 years old, and progressively destroys muscle cells. Gradually all up to the respiratory muscles and the heart, you know?
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Fixed gear Forgood 2014 by Giovanni Motta & Biscagne CicliFixed gear Forgood 2014 by Giovanni Motta & Biscagne Cicli

Fixed gear Forgood 2014 by Giovanni Motta & Biscagne Cicli

The frame

The frame of their fixed gear bike good and beautiful is handcrafted, made from the frame builder for Biascagne Gabriel Ardito, a pupil of Maestro Carlo Carla ("Mesciu Carlo" ... as they say in his Salento). The work is beautiful and well maintained, as you can see from the photos.

The tubes that are used by Gabriel of this Spirit Keirin, offered generously to the cause from Columbus.

Fixed gear Forgood 2014 by Giovanni Motta & Biscagne Cicli

The artist

The artist to whom we have entrusted the frame this year is the Veronese painter and sculptor Giovanni Motta. 

Giovanni has spent over a hundred hours to our frame, painting brush tip in his fantastic characters, the result of Japanese inspiration.
Of the work says:
"What interests me is to recover lost emotional states related to facts. Decorate and interpret a bike like this has allowed us to connect to the emotions were lost, buried in the memory.

The bicycle is not just an object, a key, a concept, is a way to relive moments full of intensity and passion. The garage dirty and dusty where each child worked carefully sticking stickers and colored scoth to make unique and original his first bike has reappeared in a crescendo of feelings: intense smell of empty carboys to the old rusty metal working tools to shelves robust and heavy metal-laden anything.

These colorful little monsters are a filter that allows me to stop, in a work, a microcosm of memories and feelings now apparently forgotten "- Giovanni Motta

Technical specifications

  • Frame crafted (Gabriele Adito) steel conjunctions, track geometry.
  • Size 55.5 cc, average!
  • Pipes: Columbus Spirit Keirin
  • Art: Giovanni Motta
  • Saddle: Brooks Cambium
  • Crankset: Shimano Golden Arrow, the last of the romantic Shimano, to stay on Japan
  • MKS track pedals and footrests
  • Straps to the pedals Brooks
  • Handlebar Gimondi and pipe: 3TTT
  • Wheels, Mr. Conserva and S.S.


How to Buy or Donate

Visit their site if you are interested in buy this fixie or donate money for this project! Sure they will be really grateful! Here the Link


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